Saturday, September 27, 2014


Blade's distraction is now available at Bookstrand.  This is the first book in my second series, Juarez for Paranormal Wars.  Hope you like it.

Forest Bradford is a coyote shifter who has always fought against his parents’ need to control him.  So when he met his mate, Blade Castillo, a black panther and an elite soldier in the Alliance Army, he refused to let the man order him around.  He’s disconcerted when he has to face his own needs when it comes to his mate but he fights the urge to submit even though it’s what he and his coyote want.

Blade’s need to keep Forest safe was confusing him.  As the second to his team leader, Blade has usually looked out for the others, but with Forest it was much more than that, it was nearly an obsession.  When Forest was almost killed by the traitor they were hunting, Blade was forced to face that Forest had become a distraction that Blade couldn’t ignore.

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