Tuesday, November 18, 2014


Once I identified the type of series I wanted to do (small town) I had to come up with what would drive the series.  Again discussions were had about what the series would be about.  In the end I went with what I feel is the largest factor of many small towns, Main Street.  Success of a town is often seen with the shops that line the one main road in and out of downtown and I wanted to capture that by doing the series about those that owned those stores.

The original town that guided me to write this series continued to inspire me with how its Main Street shops struggled to survive. The stores on the main highway that edge the town are frequented more than those on road that crosses through the very heart of the town.  Both in the daytime and at night it is clear that the businesses on Main Street are doing their best to draw visitors in, yet too many of the storefronts are empty, making it feel desolate.

So the question is asked - What would it take to save Main Street?

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