Thursday, January 1, 2015

Creating a New Series 5

Now that I have decided on the type of series, the location and the various shops that will be included, I am ready to develop the characters.  For me it revolved around the bakery and the casino. As I thought about who I wanted to own the bakery and who would represent the casino, their personalities and backgrounds started to develop.

For the man representing the casino, it was a fairly simple decision to have him be new to the town. But for the bakery owner nothing was simple.  The more I thought about the character I didn't want it to seem like he was stuck in the small town.  The character needed to have experienced life in a large city.  As a baker I decided to have him attend one of the best culinary schools in the country.  The fact that it was located in Orlando made things a little easier.

But it didn't make a lot of sense for a young gay twenty-something-year-old to move to a small town without a compelling reason.  So I had him grow up in Cedar Falls.  But he continued to nag at me that his story wasn't that simple.  He'd been living in Orlando for seven years.  He would have made friends during that time.  What happened to them when he moved back home?

The more he spoke to me, the more I got to know his friends and had to make them a part of the series too.  As to who those friends are and what their names are, well you'll have to keep coming back to find out.


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