Thursday, February 5, 2015

Creating a New Series - Final

The last step before I start writing the actual series was to come up with the names of the characters.  As this series is around an entire town, I had to come up with the names and types of characters for the various business the town will have.

First a list of all the business were created along with the type of person that would own it and work in it.  Once that list is finished a rough estimate of how many characters would need names is compiled. Obviously it won't be a complete list as more businesses would be added over time, but it was a good start.

Now comes the fun part, naming the characters.  To do this I go to both the Internet and a baby names book I have.  As this is a regional series I did searches on some more traditional southern names like Betty Sue, or Bobby Joe.  But at the same time I also choose names that I think fit the characters the best.

Choosing a name is a very subjective thing.  For the first book I used Zane and Aidan as I have a fondness for the names.  But there are certain characters that I choose a name for the personality it represents to me.  An example is Jesse, one of Zane's best friends.  The name, for me anyway, represents someone who is a lot of fun, which Jesse is in spades.

As I fill each character's name on the list, the characters start to talk to me, insisting I tell their story. Now that I know their names, I'm able to do just that.

I hope you enjoy this series.

Shea Balik

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