Monday, July 13, 2015

Sneaking into one of MY Favorite scenes of Paytah's Pookie Bear....

“So, we’re good?” There was so much relief in Paytah’s voice that he could tell his mate had spent a lot of time thinking about having kids, worried what Aidan would say.

“On the subject of kids, yes.” He wanted to lighten the mood once more so he said, “As for telling Gibson I love chocolate, no.”

Just like that, Paytah’s eyes sparkled with laughter once more. That’s the look that belonged on the man’s face, happiness. “But everyone likes chocolate.” His mate fake pouted.

Paytah darn well knew Aidan didn’t care for chocolate. He didn’t mind it once in a while, but he could go years without eating it, not missing it for a second. “Paytah, I love you, but if Gibson starts serving me chocolate, I’m going to spank that tight little ass of yours.”

Those cinnamon-colored eyes got really big. “I’m not seeing the downside.”


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