Tuesday, November 19, 2019



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Coloring Outside the Lines
Miracle:Salvation Island 1

It had been six months since Kylo Reading’s old alpha had tried to burn him alive in his own house. There were times the anguish from his severe burns had left him wanting to die, but Kylo refused to let the bastard win.

Yosi Pendev developed a computer empire that the world envied and wanted for themselves, at any cost. When it seemed as if everyone was after him, he secluded himself on an island in the Pacific. It kept him safe, but it also made him very, very lonely.

A chance meeting brought the two mates together. But will Kylo’s newfound determination to live life on his terms clash with Yosi’s need to be safe? Their animal halves may push them to work on their differences, but it will require Coloring Outside the Lines for these two to find their happily ever after.

Warning: This story contains the aftereffects of nearly being burned alive.


I really hope you enjoy this new addition to the world of Miracle!