Mating His Nightmare

Wolfe Koa grew up only knowing pain.  As a newborn wolf shifter he was placed in a lab where every experiment known to man was inflicted on him.  When he was finally freed he vowed to destroy every lab the humans had built to torture paranormals in the name of science.

Caleb Reid was a scientist who loved helping others.  When his own race, the psy, kidnapped him and forced him to create a breed of super soldiers, humans that were infused with animal and shifter DNA, Caleb rebelled.  His act of defiance had his father’s finger cut off with the threat of the same happening to his four-year-old sister.  Not having a choice Caleb did the unthinkable and gave in to the psy’s demands.

When Wolfe realizes Caleb is his mate, he fights the need to be with his mate.  Can Wolfe overcome the mate pull or will he end up mating his worst nightmare? 

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