Welcome to Cedar Falls. 

Stone Powers made a mistake that put the love of his life in the hospital twelve years ago.  Too ashamed of his actions, Stone fled.  But no matter how far he ran, he continued to come back to one truth, he owed Griffith Montrose an apology.  If he were honest, Stone hoped Griff gave him another chance by forgiving him.

Griffith Montrose had become somewhat of a hermit.  After being beaten by a bigot twelve years earlier, it left him anxious around people.  Returning to his home town of Cedar Falls with his tail tucked firmly between his legs, Griffith wasn’t sure he’d ever recover from that fateful day when his boyfriend, the man Griffith thought loved him, stood by and watched his attacker beat him.

Reunited once more, can the two put what happened behind them and find their happily ever after or are they destined to live alone?

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