Wyatt's Laughter

Wyatt Klaegar was tired of trying to keep the peace between his friends’ constant bickering and childish antics.  The older he got, the less he found humor in their jokes, wishing they would just take life more seriously.

Basil Riddick had little joy in his life while growing up, yet he still managed to find a way to laugh.  From the time he was little he was pushed by his parents into being the best, including graduating at the age of eighteen with a medical degree.  When he finally got away from his domineering parents, Basil swore to have as much fun as possible.  Too bad when he found his mate, the man wouldn’t know fun if it had hit him in the head.

As the saying goes, opposites attract and Wyatt was pretty sure Basil was his complete opposite when it came to being mature.  But Basil was determined to show Wyatt how to lighten up and laugh.

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