Sunday, June 28, 2015

Adult Version for Paytah's Pookie Bear

Aidan knew he was probably crushing his mate against the wall, but he was having trouble getting his legs to stop shaking enough to stand on them. He couldn’t ever remember having such a powerful orgasm in his life.
He couldn’t believe he’d come in his pants like some untried teenager. It should have been embarrassing, but he was too drained to worry about it, nor was he surprised after watching Paytah in the throes of his own orgasm.
The man had been breathtaking. His pupils had been dilated until there was nothing more than a ring of cinnamon left. Moans of need spilling out of the man’s swollen lips had filled his ears with the sweetest of sounds. The sting of nails digging into his upper arms piercing through Aidan’s shirt and flesh, the most erotic of touches.
There was no way he could have held back his climax with his mate looking so fucking sexy. Even now Paytah was still clinging to him as if he were floating on a wave of bliss.
A surge of energy infused him at his mate’s expression. He’d done that. He’d pleased his mate. The need to make the beauty in his arms completely his was enough motivation to move from their spot against the wall.
Paytah gave a small groan of dismay when he pulled back. Smiling down at his mate, Aidan covered the man’s swollen lips is a sensual kiss that had his limp cock rock hard so fast it had the blood rushing from his head, leaving Aidan a bit light-headed.
He knew the stories about how mates reacted to each other, but hearing about it did little to prepare him for the full impact of being near the man. It was like Paytah was a live wire, infusing Aidan with so much electricity, Aidan was sure his hair was standing on end.
Easing back from their kiss, he led his mate to the bed. Stopping Paytah from climbing on top of the mattress, Aidan tugged at the man’s waistband, pulling it down until it was held up by the man’s hard cock.
He smiled at Paytah, tugging a little harder until the man’s prick sprang free, slapping against a taut abdomen. During the past month, Aidan had seen Paytah naked many times. He’d also fantasied about getting to touch, lick, and suck his mate’s slim cock.
Actually he’d like to do that to every inch of the man’s body, but seeing his mate’s cock now had Aidan licking his lips. Kneeling down, he pushed the sweatpants down strong thighs and calves.
When he reached the floor he steadied his mate as he stepped out of the material. Aidan looked up from where he knelt. Paytah was watching him, eyes filled with lust. He leaned forward, his gaze never leaving the most important man in his world.
He could feel his mate’s breathing stutter as if waiting for what Aidan was going to do. When he was only an inch away, he breathed over the man’s weeping cock. Paytah’s body tensed.
There was still cum on the man’s dick from earlier. Sticking his tongue out, Aidan swiped the flat of his tongue from root to tip tasting his mate’s salty essence.
“Ungh.” Paytah’s breath came out in a rush, his hips jerking forward.
His hand wrapped around the silky flesh, his tongue bathing it with saliva as Aidan cleaned his mate. Fingers dug into his hair as Paytah moaned. “Gods that feels so good.”
Aidan smiled. Then he opened his mouth and took the man down to the root, breathing in his mate’s musky scent.
“Fuck,” Paytah shouted. “Damn, Aidan. I…” A deep moan came instead of words.
Bobbing his head up and down, he listened to the sweet music coming from his mate as he continued to moan and groan. Every so often Paytah would say a word or two but nothing that made any sense.
All of it meant Aidan was doing exactly what he’d set out to do: drive his mate out of his mind. Moans turned into long wails of need, indicating just how close Paytah was to coming once more. As much as Aidan wanted his mate to spill inside his mouth, he wanted Paytah to come on his cock more.
He stuck a finger into his mouth, alongside Paytah’s cock, getting it nice and wet since he was nowhere near lube. Once it was sufficiently slick, he traced up along his mate’s crack, brushing against his pucker.
Paytah moaned, widening his stance to give Aidan more room. Pushing against his mate’s tight ring of muscle, Aidan slid his finger inside. He could hear his mate grunt at the intrusion.
The snug channel sucked his finger right in, the muscles massaging his digit so perfectly. Aidan’s cock throbbed in his too-tight pants at the thought of all those muscles fluttering around his shaft when he slid home. And that’s what Paytah felt like—home.

“Fuck, pudding pop. That feels so good. I can’t wait to feel your cock inside of me,” Paytah cried out when Aidan slipped in a second finger.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Sneak Peak Excerpt into Paytah's Pookie Bear

Never in his nearly eighty years of being a psychiatrist had Aidan Cranfield been so tempted to hit one of his patients. Yet there he sat listening to his patient once more try to lay all the fault of everything going wrong on Aidan’s mate, Paytah Zerr. It didn’t seem to matter to Evan that Paytah was lying in a coma.
Evan Ainsley, a Water Mystic, had to be one of the most narcissistic people he’d ever met. Okay, that might be a stretching things a bit, but he’d had it with the man. He was pretty sure Evan had never taken responsibility for anything in his life.
“I think if Paytah were to wake up he’d tell you, he was always the one to start our little arguments. I mean the guy just never knew when to control his mouth, ya know?” Evan was sitting in a chair facing the door of the room, refusing to even look at the man he was disparaging, even though Paytah was lying on his bed that took up a good portion of their room.
Aidan’s hand curled into a fist, willing himself to calm the simmering anger inside as the urge to hit Evan kept rising. “What about since he’s been in a coma. Who’s responsible for the fights you’ve gotten in with just about every person in this house?”
When Dr. Basil Riddick had first asked Aidan to come to the Latin Territory and help his friends, Aidan had been intrigued but too busy to accept. Basil was mated to one of the inner circle for the Latin Territory, Wyatt Klaegar. According to Basil, the Alpha, Talon Ramirez, and his entire inner circle were about to implode.
Aidan found the assignment he was doing for the Asian Territory was suddenly completed, so he called Basil and offered to fly there and see if he could be of help. Basil had been right, the team was imploding, especially since one of their own had been kidnapped.
“First of all they weren’t fights, at most they were arguments. Second of all, because Paytah refuses to wake up, we’ve all been under a lot of stress.” The smirk on Evan’s face told Aidan the man knew he was getting under Aidan’s skin. “Hence, it’s his fault.”
Regrettably Aidan was letting it happen. He should have known better, but since arriving in Juarez he’d been off his game. It had started when Basil had shown him to the room set aside for him.
There had been the most heavenly scent emanating from one of the rooms they’d passed. As a psychiatrist he was aware of mates, had even studied the phenomenon but never thought in a million years he’d find his own mate.
But instead of getting to meet the man that was supposed to be his other half, Aidan found out his mate, Paytah, was the one who’d been kidnapped by some sadistic fuck who got off on buying and selling others. Considering Paytah was a part of the Alpha’s inner circle it was doubtful Roger, the man who’d taken him, would have bother to try to sell Paytah.
No, instead Roger tortured Paytah before he would have kill him.
As a panda shifter, Aidan was usually a pacifist, not easily angered, but all of that had changed the day he’d found out his mate was missing. That Paytah had finally been rescued but his injuries had been so severe he’d been in a coma ever since, hadn’t helped Aidan’s anger.
Only the fact that Paytah’s friends had gone past imploding, straight into a black hole of despair and rage so profound, he was afraid there would be no more inner circle when his mate woke up, did Aidan finally agree to help. Not willing to be separated from Paytah for anything more than a walk to stretch his legs, Aidan insisted on having the counseling sessions with the individuals of the inner circle while he sat next to his mate.
He’d actually hoped hearing the nice things his friends had to say about him would help. That had been a big mistake as far as Evan was concerned. The man seemed to delight in tormenting Aidan by talking about every sexual escapade of Paytah’s. When he wasn’t doing that he would pick on Paytah, blaming him for everything, including still being in a coma.
“So you’re saying it is Paytay’s fault for you not being able to control yourself?” He was trying, he really was, but he wasn’t sure he’d ever be able to get through to the man.
Evan grinned. “Exactly. I’m glad you see things my way.”

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Now Available for Pre Order Mating His Worst Fear!

Declan Wyman refused to acknowledge Liam Hadley was his mate just because the man was a psy.  Only when Stone Haven is attacked and lines were crossed to find the traitor helping the enemy, did Declan realize how wrong he was to judge Liam without bothering to get to know the man.

Liam Hadley was tired of being Declan’s scapegoat for anything that went wrong.  He just wished the sexy were-lion would look at him with something other than condemnation in his eyes.
One explosive kiss changed everything but outside forces turned their lives upside down.  They must find a way to work together if they ever hope to create the family they’d always dreamed of.

Can the two find a way to put their fears aside and embrace the love that is right in front of them before it slips through their fingers?

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

NOW AVAILABLE! Painful Pleasure

Welcome to Cedar Falls, a small North Carolina town nestled amongst the Smokey Mountains.  Where the people are friendly and the men are hot.

Jax Rankin came to Cedar Falls for a new start.  He never expected to meet Flynn Anderson or to fall in love the moment he laid eyes on the clumsy waiter.  As a Dom, Jax was drawn to Flynn’s natural need to submit.  He just needed to find a way to help Flynn accept that side of himself.

Flynn Anderson was living in a recurring nightmare.  Ten years earlier his twin sister died and he’d never been able to get over the loss.  When he meets Jax, he’s sure there’s no way the sexy man could ever be interested in him.

Will Jax be able to show Flynn the happiness that could found through submission?  Or will Flynn miss out on the bliss Jax could give him with a little painful pleasure?


“How you doing, Flynn?” His younger sister, Willow was looking at him like she was waiting for him to break down, which was a real possibility.
Forcing himself to concentrate on the task at hand he shoved all those feeling of grief as far down as he could. He picked up another knife, wiping off the water spots with a towel that were left by the dishwasher.
He’d never understood why the restaurant, Cedar Falls Steakhouse, where he and his sister worked, couldn’t find a better dishwasher than one that left so many spots on the silverware. The waiters had to spend thirty minutes before shift rubbing them off.
Not that he was going to complain. Flynn knew how lucky he was to have this job. Cedar Falls was a small town with very little in the way of job openings. It was why the citizens were so excited about the Spring Fling Festival. They were hopeful it would be the start of bringing more visitors to their sleepy little town.
Ryder Monroe, a small town event planner, was hired recently for his ability to put small towns on the map and make them vacation destinations. With the casino opening in the fall, Ryder would have a lot of help to make that happen, but the man had a long way to go when half of the shops along Main and Peachtree, the two roads that crossed through the heart of town, were empty.
So if Giona, one of the owners of the Cedar Falls Steakhouse, wanted him to polish silverware, who was he to say otherwise? He needed this job badly enough that she could ask him to walk around on his hands and he’d find a way to do it.
“I’m fine, sis. Don’t you have menus to wipe down?” He loved his sister but he didn’t need her reminding him of what he’d lost, not while he was working.
Willow had recently turned eighteen and Giona did him a favor by agreeing to hire his sister as the weekend hostess. They were desperate for money since their father took off and their mother hadn’t left her room since the incident ten years ago.
His sister handed him a piece of paper but Flynn didn’t need to look at it to know what was on it. He’d been the one to draw it. “I found this in your art book. You need to talk about it Flynn.”
He refused to stare at the picture she’d shoved in front of his face. It was of his twin sister, Freesia, sightless eyes staring back at him as she floated on the water.
One tear fell as the unbidden image of his sister pushed into his mind relentlessly forcing him to remember. “Please, I have to work,” he whispered to Willow.
His younger sister tilted her head slightly, her eyes narrowing as she studied him for a few moments. “Okay, Flynn, but you need to talk about it sooner rather than later.” Thankfully she left him alone and went back to the hostess stand.
He picked up a spoon and took out his emotions on the utensil as he rubbed it hard enough that it looked like he was trying to put a hole in it. When the tears continued to choke him, he took big lungfuls of air to stop them.
He wasn’t averse to crying but he was at work, crying just wasn’t allowed. He should know since he’d been sent home at least a dozen times over the five years he’d worked here for that very reason.
In fairness to his boss, Flynn had been nearly hysterical each of those times but he’d still been sent home. Something he just couldn’t afford, not if he hoped to buy groceries or pay any of the other bills that seemed to pile up since his father left them five years ago.
“Alright people, we open in just fifteen minutes,” Giona called out as she started walking around the dining room to make sure everything was in place.
Flynn was behind but he was able to quickly finish the silver he was polishing in a just another minute. Just as Giona got to his section, Flynn started setting up his tables. For a small town steakhouse, the owners Giona and her husband Matthew had high standards.
It was one of the reasons the steakhouse was still staying afloat when the rest of the town was dying. Their steaks were amazing, yet not too pricey. The rest of their menu was equally great, with a variety of food for even the pickiest of eaters.
Giona just raised her eyebrow at him for not being finished but she didn’t say anything as she continued her inspection. He would have to start coming in earlier to get started. He’d found over the four years he’d been working as a waiter, it was the only way he could keep up during this time of year.
As soon as the doors opened, customers started streaming in, pushing his thoughts of Freesia to the background. It was a madhouse, probably because it had been one of the nicest days they’d had since last fall. Not to mention it was a Friday, which was date night, even in a small town.
These were the kind of nights Flynn liked, too busy to think about anything but taking orders and keeping his tables happy. It didn’t hurt that it also ensured he made quite a bit of money in tips.
“Welcome to Cedar Falls Steakhouse, I hope you...” Flynn stumbled for a brief moment as he laid eyes on a man who was the epitome of all of Flynn’s fantasies rolled up into one drool-inducing man. “Gentlemen are having a good evening.” He hoped no one noticed his slight stumble.
Ryder grinned, giving him a wink. “Flynn, I’d like you to meet Jaxson Rankin and Harley Watts. I’m hoping to show them why Cedar Falls is the perfect place to open their tattoo and piercing shop.”
He hadn’t missed the multiple tattoos and piercings on both men but Flynn couldn’t seem to take his eyes off Jaxson. His fingers itched for his pencils and sketch pad to put the man’s strong features on paper.


There were no words.
Flynn was flying under the assault of Jax’s mouth. He hadn’t thought any kiss could be better than their first, but this...this is so much more...demanding.
It was like Jax was trying to brand him through the kiss. After the spanking he’d just received and being gagged, Flynn didn’t know what to do, what to think or how to feel. He was flying apart at the seams, only Jax’s hands stroking his body kept him together.
Everything was just so...big. It was more than he knew how to handle. Jax’s tongue was stroking Flynn’s at the same time the man’s fingers stroked along the crease of his ass. His body shook at the dual sensations.
He didn’t know what to do. Was he supposed to take off Jax’s clothes like the man had done for him? He wasn’t sure he would be able to do that with his hands clinging Jax’s biceps. The fear that his shaky legs wouldn’t be able to hold him if he let go, had him tightening his grip.
Anxiety started to snake its way into him, immobilizing him. What if he was doing it all wrong? What if Jax wanted him to do more than hold on for dear life?
The feelings inside him were just too much for him, he had to share, to give some of it to Jax. He pushed a needy moan into the man’s mouth, hoping Jax would help him before he broke apart.
The kiss went impossibly deeper as Jax took complete control. The fingers that had been stroking his crease stopped. Both arms wrapped around his waist, settling him back against the bed.
His arms were tugged up above his head but it was the hard press of Jax’s body that he focused on. The rough texture of the man’s jeans abraded the base of Flynn’s cock, sending delicious tendrils of need spiking through his body with each movement.
In contrast the soft material of Jax’s t-shirt brushed across the tip of his cock, which sent shivers racing up and down his spine until he was sure he was going to come. He tried to bring his hand down to stop his impending orgasm but Flynn found his hand wouldn’t move.
Tugging he felt something was tied around his wrists, binding him to the headboard. The thought of being completely at Jax’s mercy had him crying out into the man’s mouth.
Was it wrong to like that he no longer had the choice of where his hands were? To know it was a decision he didn’t have to make, something he couldn’t screw up by doing the wrong thing?
He tugged once more, testing to be sure it wasn’t a trick. The bindings held. One of the bubbles of anxiety deep inside burst, freeing the feeling, allowing it leave his body.
He whined when Jax’s lips left his. Those dark brown eyes looked down at him, a wicked smile on his face. “There’s no getting free, little bird, no matter how hard you try.”
Flynn smiled back. It was exactly what he wanted to hear. Since his sister’s death, his dad leaving and his mom refusing to leave the bed, he’d been fighting tooth and nail to keep up on the bills.
In the beginning he’d only had been able to get part-time jobs, the money never enough to pay all the bills. He’d had to decide, without anyone to help, which ones didn’t get paid.
In the seven years since his father left, his younger sister only eleven at the time, he became the sole breadwinner of the family, Willow’s unofficial guardian and his mother’s caretaker. At times it had felt like he’d cave under the pressure, but he’d failed one sister already, he wasn’t about to fail the only one he had left.
A sharp pinch on his nipple brought him back to the present. “Stay with me, little bird.” Jax’s head lowered to his chest, his teeth biting down on Flynn’s taut nipple.
“Ughn.” He wasn’t sure where the loud drawn out sound came from but Flynn was pretty sure he’d made it.
Then the other nipple was given the same treatment. Flynn arched up into the pain, wanting more. Something inside him rebelled at the thought of liking pain, yet before he could focus on it, Jax, bit down on one nub while twisting the other.
His cock pulsed between them.
“Damn, little bird, there is so much I want to do to you, but we don’t have much time right now.” Jax climbed off the bed, stripping quickly.
The question of why they didn’t have time forgotten as his gaze feasted on that hard toned body, tattoos calling to Flynn’s fingers to trace. He did his best to memorize every detail to draw later. All too soon Jax came back to the bed, his eyes mourning the loss of all that perfection even while his body sang as Jax once more pressed his body against Flynn’s.
A groan so deep, Flynn was sure it came all the way from his toes, spilled from his lips at the feel of the man’s flesh pressed against his. Their cocks brushed against each other, this time they both moaned.
Firm hands stroked his flesh from the tips of his fingers, down his arms, his torso, his thighs, his calves and lastly his feet. Those dark eyes had locked on his the whole time, seeing straight into Flynn’s soul.
It wasn’t until Jax held his toes in the man’s calloused hands that the man spoke. “Every inch of this body belongs to me.” The man’s gaze never wavered as he continued to stare at Flynn for another minute. “Understand?”

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Cover Reveal for Paytah's Pookie Bear

Paytah Zerr had been given a message from the Gods that would turn the world on its ear.  If only the Gods weren’t narcissistic jerks with a God complex.  Because of their self-importance, Paytah had been kept from meeting his mate for an entire month.

Psychiatrist, Aidan Cranfield, doesn’t know what to think when his mate, Paytah Zerr woke up from a month long coma and claimed he’d talked to the Gods.  Between Paytah’s wild tale of the Gods and his quirky sense of humor, Aidan has his hands full with his mate.

Between the Gods interference, the Cadre’s evil desire to turn people into slaves and Paytah’s never ending list of hilarious endearments, their mating is anything but normal.  But it is the message from the Gods that have the pair reeling.  They just need to find a way to stand by each other, facing the chaos the Gods have created – together.