Thursday, July 30, 2015

Adult excerpt for Bound For Your Pleasure

A blush rose up along the cutie’s neck and into his cheeks. Harley’s thoughts immediately wondered just how far that blush spread. “Nathan Owens.”
He gave the man a smile. “Well, Nathan, it’s nice to meet you.” Harley continued to hold on to the man’s hips, but his thumbs had managed to sweep under the edge of Nathan’s shirt to caress the patch of skin just above his jeans.
He watched as Nathan’s pupils dilated slightly, while his pink tongue came out to swipe a path along his bottom lip. “It’s…I mean…” The man’s face bloomed a nice red, one Harley hoped to duplicate on the man’s ass soon.
There was no doubt in his mind, Harley was going to have a lot of fun with the cute little man. Maybe coming to Cedar Falls wasn’t such a bad idea after all. He might just have to thank Jax for making him move here.
After several stumbled starts, Nathan finally seemed to find his voice. “What’s your name?”
Harley grinned. “Harley Watts, but you can call me Master.”

* * * *

Nathan couldn’t stop the sharp inhale of breath or the fact that his dick strained against his zipper, twitching in an effort to get closer to the man who just said the one word Nathan hadn’t heard since his short vacation in California. His every fantasy started with that name—Master.
It didn’t mean Harley would be able to give him what Nathan truly desired, but it was a start. The man was already everything Nathan had ever dreamed of in a lover. Brown eyes that reminded him of melted caramel stared down at him with complete confidence, which made sense since Nathan couldn’t imagine anyone not doing as the man said. Harley was huge. Like professional wrestler huge. In fact the man sort of reminded Nathan of Dwayne Johnson.
Unable to do anything but obey the man, Nathan found himself uttering that one word he’d only cried out in his dreams. “Master.”
His voice was breathier than usual, but no matter how hard he tried, Nathan couldn’t seem to draw more oxygen into his lungs. It was as if Harley had sucked up all the air in the room.
That sexy growl he’d heard earlier rumbled around him, sinking deep into his balls. It was all Nathan could do not to come in his pants like a horny teenager. Never had he been so on edge so quickly before.
He watched, transfixed as the man’s firm lips closed the distance between them, taking control of a kiss that had Nathan’s knees buckling. The two hands holding on to his hips wrapped around him, pulling Nathan close to the man’s hard body, letting him lean against Harley since he couldn’t stand on his own.
He parted his lips with a soft moan of need, and Harley slid his tongue in deep. If Nathan hadn’t been weak before, he would have been when he felt Harley dominate his mouth, putting a stamp of ownership on him as surely as if the man were branding Nathan.
His head swam, forcing Nathan to hold on to the man’s large muscled biceps. The man’s arms were so big, Nathan’s hands looked tiny in comparison as he held on for dear life.
Harley’s hands stroked down his back before capturing Nathan’s ass in a bruising grip as he was pulled impossibly closer to the man’s body. A leg was thrust between his own, lifting Nathan’s feet right off the floor.
The friction against his cock and balls as Harley moved Nathan back and forth along the large muscled thigh was exquisite. Nathan could do nothing but hold on and enjoy the ride as Harley controlled every movement.
He heard himself whimper as his balls drew up tight to his body. As much as he didn’t want to come in his pants when he didn’t have a change of clothes, there was nothing Nathan was going to do to stop it. He was too close and Harley was doing all the right things.
A cry fell from his lips when Harley ripped his lips away. “That’s it, boy, show me how much you’re enjoying what I’m doing to you.”
Nathan let his head drop back, his mouth opening on a cry of need so sharp he was sure he wasn’t going to last more than a few more seconds. A hand at the front of his pants, popped his button open. The sound of his zipper being lowered was music to Nathan’s ears.
When a large calloused hand wrapped around his aching cock, Nathan’s body tightened. Bolts of pleasure seared through him. His prick thickened further, then throbbed.
“Come.” The growled order had Nathan’s dick shooting streams and streams of pearly white seed all over Harley’s hand. He came so much, Nathan felt wrung out, unable to do more than lean into the man who gave him so much pleasure. A deep rumble vibrated through Harley’s chest, sending a shiver racing down Nathan’s spine. “Good boy.”

Just like that another spurt of cum dribbled from his spent dick.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Story excerpt for Bound For Your Pleasure

Nathan felt butterflies flapping wildly in his stomach as he saw the most gorgeous man he’d ever laid eyes on just outside the door. Muscles bulged, stretching the seams of the T-shirt the man was wearing, making his mouth water for a chance to lick every inch of the man.
So engrossed in watching the man, Nathan had forgotten what he’d been telling the mother who was standing before him with her two little boys as his breath caught when it looked like the man was about to come inside.
A scowl crossed the sexy man’s strong features as he looked down at his phone. Even with his brows drawn together and a frown on his face, it didn’t detract from the man’s god-like beauty. If anything, it enhanced it, making the man look fierce, like a warrior riding off to battle a fire-breathing dragon.
Okay, so he had an active imagination. So what? He owned a bookstore after all, creativity was almost a requirement.
Nathan’s breath left in a whoosh of dismay as he watched the man of his dreams continue past his bookstore. He wanted to run after him, but the woman he’d been talking to looked annoyed that he seemed to forget she was even there. “I’m sorry. I thought I saw someone I knew.” Or wanted to know. “What were we talking about?”
The woman gave a very put-upon sigh. “You were suggesting books for my two sons.”
Just then a small display was knocked over as the two boys, who looked to be around six or seven, chased each other. Now he was the one who sighed. “Right.” Leading her to his children’s section.

His stomach growled when he was taking out his fourth armload of books, reminding him they hadn’t eaten. When he called in his order, Mr. Travers told him, he did have someone who could bring them the food, but they were so backed up on deliveries, it would be an hour at least.
Not wanting to wait, he locked the shop and sent Harris, while he took care of the tent. That was when he heard a familiar shrill voice outside the tent. “He should be ashamed to sell such filth at a nice family event. I tried to stop him, but as usual Nathan never listens to me.”
“Your brother never did have much sense.” That was Betty Sue, the owner of The Coffee House, right next door to his own bookstore. He’d actually picked this location thinking having a bookstore right next to a coffee place would generate more business.
Boy was he wrong. He should have at least tried the coffee first. On his opening day, he’d gone in Betty Sue’s store and bought a cup and promptly spit it out. Thankfully he’d already left the Coffee House when that happened.
Since then he’d learned the place had the reputation of serving the worst cup of coffee. No one was sure how Betty Sue stayed open since only a few of her friends dared to go in the place.
An influx of questions from customers asking questions stopped him from listening to more of their conversation for a while. When the crowd died down he could hear them once more. “Did you see that hunk doing the henna tattoos?” Betty Sue’s voice turned husky as she talked.
He was pretty sure he heard Maribelle snort, but he couldn’t be sure. “What difference does it make? Jax is living with Flynn. I swear this town is going to go to hell with all the sin.”
“Not Jax, the one that looks kind of like The Rock. He is absolutely dreamy.”
Nathan froze. He was pretty sure Betty Sue was talking about the man who’d caught his interest earlier. Straining he tried to hear more, but Harris walked in carrying two bags and two drinks chattering a mile a minute about how busy the festival was.
Frustrated he did his best to not take it out on Harris. Taking his food into the store, Nathan hoped Betty Sue was right. If the man was working with Jax, then that might mean he worked at Painful Pleasure. Nathan shivered just thinking about the name.
He’d always wanted to get some piercings but was nervous about doing it. Now he might have a reason to check the place out. Maybe he’d even find his fantasy man.

Friday, July 24, 2015

Cover Reveal for Bound For Your Pleasure

Welcome to Cedar Falls, a small North Carolina town nestled amongst the Smokey Mountains.  Where the people are friendly and the men are hot.

When Harley Watts moved to a small southern town, he was sure he’d hate it.  As a gay man he’d never imagined he would meet anyone who would enjoy his particular kink in such a place.  That was before he met sexy bookstore owner, Nathan Owens.

After Nathan Owens’ parents died in a car accident, he’d given up on his dream of finding a man who could give him what he wanted.  Instead he moved back to his hometown of Cedar Falls to help his sister pay the bills.  Since he didn’t think he’d ever find the man of his dreams, Nathan settled for opening the bookstore of his dreams.

Little did Nathan know Harley was more than happy to show him the true meaning of Bound For Your Pleasure.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Paytah's Pookie Bear is NOW AVAILABLE

 Paytah Zerr has been given a message from the Gods that will turn the world on its ear. If only the Gods weren’t such narcissistic jerks with God complexes. Because of their self-importance, Paytah has been kept from meeting his mate for an entire month. 

 Psychiatrist, Aidan Cranfield, doesn’t know what to think when his mate, Paytah Zerr, wakes up from a month long coma and claims he’s talked to the Gods. Between Paytah’s wild tale of the Gods and his quirky sense of humor, Aidan has his hands full with his mate. 

 Between the Gods' interference, the Cadre’s evil desire to turn people into slaves, and Paytah’s never ending list of hilarious endearments, their mating is anything but normal. But it is the message from the Gods that have the pair reeling. They just need to find a way to stand by each other, facing the chaos the Gods have created – together.

                                                                                        BUY IT HERE

Monday, July 13, 2015

Sneaking into one of MY Favorite scenes of Paytah's Pookie Bear....

“So, we’re good?” There was so much relief in Paytah’s voice that he could tell his mate had spent a lot of time thinking about having kids, worried what Aidan would say.

“On the subject of kids, yes.” He wanted to lighten the mood once more so he said, “As for telling Gibson I love chocolate, no.”

Just like that, Paytah’s eyes sparkled with laughter once more. That’s the look that belonged on the man’s face, happiness. “But everyone likes chocolate.” His mate fake pouted.

Paytah darn well knew Aidan didn’t care for chocolate. He didn’t mind it once in a while, but he could go years without eating it, not missing it for a second. “Paytah, I love you, but if Gibson starts serving me chocolate, I’m going to spank that tight little ass of yours.”

Those cinnamon-colored eyes got really big. “I’m not seeing the downside.”


Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Mating His Worst Fear is Now Available!

Declan Wyman refused to acknowledge Liam Hadley was his mate just because the man was a psy.  Only when Stone Haven is attacked and lines were crossed to find the traitor helping the enemy, did Declan realize how wrong he was to judge Liam without bothering to get to know the man.

Liam Hadley was tired of being Declan’s scapegoat for anything that went wrong.  He just wished the sexy were-lion would look at him with something other than condemnation in his eyes.
One explosive kiss changed everything but outside forces turned their lives upside down.  They must find a way to work together if they ever hope to create the family they’d always dreamed of.

Can the two find a way to put their fears aside and embrace the love that is right in front of them before it slips through their fingers?
                                                                                      Click Here to Buy!