Mating Forged in Fire

Maui Knight can’t believe he’s found his mate when he saves Ian Carmichael from the psy labs.  The need to keep his mate safe has Maui denying Ian’s request to go get his sister away from Ian’s father.  Maui hadn’t counted on Ian’s determination to save his sister from their father’s dishonorable intentions.

Ian runs from the safety of the Alliance Territory in order to bring his sister back with him.  From the moment he entered his childhood home things go horribly wrong.  He saved his sister but managed to get recaptured by the psy.  The last time he’d been imprisoned by the psy they had tortured him, this time they took that torture to a whole new level.  What’s even worse is they’ve changed him.

Ian’s only hope is that Maui will once more rescue him.  Even if he does Ian isn’t sure Maui can love who Ian’s become.

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