Rune's Hope

Rune Savage had heard the phrase “Love conquers all.”  When he’s attacked by a madman, his body was littered with scars.  He wasn’t sure his mate, Carver, would be able to see past them.  Fear had him lashing out and blaming everyone around him, including his mate for not protecting him.

Carver Nash knew he and Rune had a long road ahead of them.  Rune blamed him for what happened but not as much as Carver blamed himself.  Carver had let his mate down and he somehow had to prove to Rune he could trust Carver.  First he had to get his mate to believe the scars on his body didn’t detract from the man’s beauty, if anything they only added to it.  They were a sign of courage and strength.

As a new threat faces them, they must find a way to put the past behind and let their love for each other heal their hearts.

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