Paytah's Pookie Bear

 Paytah Zerr has been given a message from the Gods that will turn the world on its ear. If only the Gods weren’t such narcissistic jerks with God complexes. Because of their self-importance, Paytah has been kept from meeting his mate for an entire month. 

 Psychiatrist, Aidan Cranfield, doesn’t know what to think when his mate, Paytah Zerr, wakes up from a month long coma and claims he’s talked to the Gods. Between Paytah’s wild tale of the Gods and his quirky sense of humor, Aidan has his hands full with his mate. 

 Between the Gods' interference, the Cadre’s evil desire to turn people into slaves, and Paytah’s never ending list of hilarious endearments, their mating is anything but normal. But it is the message from the Gods that have the pair reeling. They just need to find a way to stand by each other, facing the chaos the Gods have created – together.

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