Hunter's Beau

Anemone Zerr had been imprisoned, used by the Cadre for his Earth Mystic abilities.  He’d been locked away so long, he’d started fantasizing that a cat shifter would come and rescue him.  When Hunter Keif showed up, a cheetah shifter, Anemone was convinced the man couldn’t be real.

Hunter Keif couldn’t believe the man he was staring at, curled up on the floor, nearly dead, was his mate.  His heart broke with the knowledge that Anemone had been through so much pain at the hands of the Vlad Kempf, leader of the Cadre.  It would take time, but Hunter would do whatever it took to help his mate heal.

But with Vlad intent on getting Anemone back, will the two be able to find a way to let their love grow or it will be trampled into the ground by the enemy?

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