Friday, February 13, 2015


Welcome to Cedar Falls, a small North Carolina town nestled amongst the Smokey Mountains. 
Zane Fisher is prepared to fight against a proposed casino from being built in his small hometown.  Sure, it would bring in more visitors to their dying town, but at what risk?

Aidan Dempsey is sick of the bad coffee Cedar Falls has so far had to offer.  After an exceptionally bad cup, he’s decided to swear off the stuff, that is until he’s dragged into the local bakery.

Not only does he find the best cup of coffee he’s ever tasted, but the bakery owner, Zane Fisher just might be the sexiest man he’s ever met.  Too bad Zane seems hell bent on avoiding him as he’s the project manager for the casino Zane is against.

Will they be able to find common ground or will Aidan be doomed to only having bad coffee?

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