Sunday, June 28, 2015

Adult Version for Paytah's Pookie Bear

Aidan knew he was probably crushing his mate against the wall, but he was having trouble getting his legs to stop shaking enough to stand on them. He couldn’t ever remember having such a powerful orgasm in his life.
He couldn’t believe he’d come in his pants like some untried teenager. It should have been embarrassing, but he was too drained to worry about it, nor was he surprised after watching Paytah in the throes of his own orgasm.
The man had been breathtaking. His pupils had been dilated until there was nothing more than a ring of cinnamon left. Moans of need spilling out of the man’s swollen lips had filled his ears with the sweetest of sounds. The sting of nails digging into his upper arms piercing through Aidan’s shirt and flesh, the most erotic of touches.
There was no way he could have held back his climax with his mate looking so fucking sexy. Even now Paytah was still clinging to him as if he were floating on a wave of bliss.
A surge of energy infused him at his mate’s expression. He’d done that. He’d pleased his mate. The need to make the beauty in his arms completely his was enough motivation to move from their spot against the wall.
Paytah gave a small groan of dismay when he pulled back. Smiling down at his mate, Aidan covered the man’s swollen lips is a sensual kiss that had his limp cock rock hard so fast it had the blood rushing from his head, leaving Aidan a bit light-headed.
He knew the stories about how mates reacted to each other, but hearing about it did little to prepare him for the full impact of being near the man. It was like Paytah was a live wire, infusing Aidan with so much electricity, Aidan was sure his hair was standing on end.
Easing back from their kiss, he led his mate to the bed. Stopping Paytah from climbing on top of the mattress, Aidan tugged at the man’s waistband, pulling it down until it was held up by the man’s hard cock.
He smiled at Paytah, tugging a little harder until the man’s prick sprang free, slapping against a taut abdomen. During the past month, Aidan had seen Paytah naked many times. He’d also fantasied about getting to touch, lick, and suck his mate’s slim cock.
Actually he’d like to do that to every inch of the man’s body, but seeing his mate’s cock now had Aidan licking his lips. Kneeling down, he pushed the sweatpants down strong thighs and calves.
When he reached the floor he steadied his mate as he stepped out of the material. Aidan looked up from where he knelt. Paytah was watching him, eyes filled with lust. He leaned forward, his gaze never leaving the most important man in his world.
He could feel his mate’s breathing stutter as if waiting for what Aidan was going to do. When he was only an inch away, he breathed over the man’s weeping cock. Paytah’s body tensed.
There was still cum on the man’s dick from earlier. Sticking his tongue out, Aidan swiped the flat of his tongue from root to tip tasting his mate’s salty essence.
“Ungh.” Paytah’s breath came out in a rush, his hips jerking forward.
His hand wrapped around the silky flesh, his tongue bathing it with saliva as Aidan cleaned his mate. Fingers dug into his hair as Paytah moaned. “Gods that feels so good.”
Aidan smiled. Then he opened his mouth and took the man down to the root, breathing in his mate’s musky scent.
“Fuck,” Paytah shouted. “Damn, Aidan. I…” A deep moan came instead of words.
Bobbing his head up and down, he listened to the sweet music coming from his mate as he continued to moan and groan. Every so often Paytah would say a word or two but nothing that made any sense.
All of it meant Aidan was doing exactly what he’d set out to do: drive his mate out of his mind. Moans turned into long wails of need, indicating just how close Paytah was to coming once more. As much as Aidan wanted his mate to spill inside his mouth, he wanted Paytah to come on his cock more.
He stuck a finger into his mouth, alongside Paytah’s cock, getting it nice and wet since he was nowhere near lube. Once it was sufficiently slick, he traced up along his mate’s crack, brushing against his pucker.
Paytah moaned, widening his stance to give Aidan more room. Pushing against his mate’s tight ring of muscle, Aidan slid his finger inside. He could hear his mate grunt at the intrusion.
The snug channel sucked his finger right in, the muscles massaging his digit so perfectly. Aidan’s cock throbbed in his too-tight pants at the thought of all those muscles fluttering around his shaft when he slid home. And that’s what Paytah felt like—home.

“Fuck, pudding pop. That feels so good. I can’t wait to feel your cock inside of me,” Paytah cried out when Aidan slipped in a second finger.


  1. Snort!!! Pudding Pop...I really need this book soon!

  2. Nice I'm so looking forward to paytahs story. Can't come soon enough .ha a pun!