Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Story excerpt for Bound For Your Pleasure

Nathan felt butterflies flapping wildly in his stomach as he saw the most gorgeous man he’d ever laid eyes on just outside the door. Muscles bulged, stretching the seams of the T-shirt the man was wearing, making his mouth water for a chance to lick every inch of the man.
So engrossed in watching the man, Nathan had forgotten what he’d been telling the mother who was standing before him with her two little boys as his breath caught when it looked like the man was about to come inside.
A scowl crossed the sexy man’s strong features as he looked down at his phone. Even with his brows drawn together and a frown on his face, it didn’t detract from the man’s god-like beauty. If anything, it enhanced it, making the man look fierce, like a warrior riding off to battle a fire-breathing dragon.
Okay, so he had an active imagination. So what? He owned a bookstore after all, creativity was almost a requirement.
Nathan’s breath left in a whoosh of dismay as he watched the man of his dreams continue past his bookstore. He wanted to run after him, but the woman he’d been talking to looked annoyed that he seemed to forget she was even there. “I’m sorry. I thought I saw someone I knew.” Or wanted to know. “What were we talking about?”
The woman gave a very put-upon sigh. “You were suggesting books for my two sons.”
Just then a small display was knocked over as the two boys, who looked to be around six or seven, chased each other. Now he was the one who sighed. “Right.” Leading her to his children’s section.

His stomach growled when he was taking out his fourth armload of books, reminding him they hadn’t eaten. When he called in his order, Mr. Travers told him, he did have someone who could bring them the food, but they were so backed up on deliveries, it would be an hour at least.
Not wanting to wait, he locked the shop and sent Harris, while he took care of the tent. That was when he heard a familiar shrill voice outside the tent. “He should be ashamed to sell such filth at a nice family event. I tried to stop him, but as usual Nathan never listens to me.”
“Your brother never did have much sense.” That was Betty Sue, the owner of The Coffee House, right next door to his own bookstore. He’d actually picked this location thinking having a bookstore right next to a coffee place would generate more business.
Boy was he wrong. He should have at least tried the coffee first. On his opening day, he’d gone in Betty Sue’s store and bought a cup and promptly spit it out. Thankfully he’d already left the Coffee House when that happened.
Since then he’d learned the place had the reputation of serving the worst cup of coffee. No one was sure how Betty Sue stayed open since only a few of her friends dared to go in the place.
An influx of questions from customers asking questions stopped him from listening to more of their conversation for a while. When the crowd died down he could hear them once more. “Did you see that hunk doing the henna tattoos?” Betty Sue’s voice turned husky as she talked.
He was pretty sure he heard Maribelle snort, but he couldn’t be sure. “What difference does it make? Jax is living with Flynn. I swear this town is going to go to hell with all the sin.”
“Not Jax, the one that looks kind of like The Rock. He is absolutely dreamy.”
Nathan froze. He was pretty sure Betty Sue was talking about the man who’d caught his interest earlier. Straining he tried to hear more, but Harris walked in carrying two bags and two drinks chattering a mile a minute about how busy the festival was.
Frustrated he did his best to not take it out on Harris. Taking his food into the store, Nathan hoped Betty Sue was right. If the man was working with Jax, then that might mean he worked at Painful Pleasure. Nathan shivered just thinking about the name.
He’d always wanted to get some piercings but was nervous about doing it. Now he might have a reason to check the place out. Maybe he’d even find his fantasy man.

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