Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Giving Tuesday

During this hectic holiday season we are so busy shopping, running around to various parties and visiting loved ones that we sometimes forget there are those less fortunate.  There are a million ways you can give, from the Toys For Tots boxes in just about every store, to the food banks that many of your supermarkets package up meals you buy to help those who need it, to adopting a family or a child by granting their Christmas list.  If you find no time this year you can even go online and donate money to one of those charities or hundreds of others.

For those who would like to get more involved there are many charities you can volunteer at. Everything from food banks and soup kitchens, to toy drives and hospitals who need volunteers to help cheer up those stuck there for the holidays.

I know sometimes in the marathon of shopping and gift giving we forget what the spirit of Christmas is all about.  Believe it or not, it isn't about who gives the best gift (although it is something I strive for).  It's about reaching out and spreading a bit of joy, not just to those you love but everyone.  So do what you can, and maybe this year you'll help to spread the magic of the season.

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