Wednesday, November 26, 2014


Yes it is that time of year again.  Even as we prepare to spend time with our loved ones on Thanksgiving we are prepared for what comes after, Shopping.  For years that meant getting up at the wee hours of the morning, standing in line in the cold, often freezing temperatures, to wait for the stores to open.  Times have changed and with it Black Friday has started sometime on Thanksgiving Day.

The time when we used to sit back with a game on the television while we slip into a food induced coma is no longer possible.  Now as soon as the dishes are cleared we head to the stores for a night filled with shopping.  Instead of relaxing with a piece of pumpkin pie, we are rushing into overcrowded stores to find the best deals so we can feel like we've gotten the best deal on whatever it is we are buying.

For those of you braving the hordes of people, pushing and shoving their way through their shopping lists, I wish you good luck.  Just remember this is the time of sharing, so be kind and considerate to each other.  There is nothing worth getting into a fight over, even if it is on sale for a fraction of the price.  And to those shopping here in Florida, stay out of my way for I have a black belt in shopping. (lol)

Seriously though there are a lot of ways to save and I am listing a few for you to try.  If you have an app that you use, leave a comment for others to try.

      Poach it

And to help with those Black Friday Ads dowload the Black Friday 2014 Ads app by Sazze.

Good luck out there and stay safe.


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