Thursday, November 13, 2014

Mating in Stormy Waters Now Available!

It's official the latest book in the Paranormal Wars: Stone Haven series is now available.  I hope you enjoy the first glimpse into the Cadre. Toomre is a water mystic who is having a rough day. Then he meets his mate, Jalin Black, a shark shifter and things start to look up. But before they are barely introduced, a bomb rips through Stone Haven killing nine residents. Dasan’s father was one of those residents. Devastated, he throws himself into his work in order to lessen the pain.
Jalin couldn’t believe his good fortune in meeting his mate. When his Dasan loses his father, Jalin does his best to comfort his mate, but it seems as if Dasan would rather be alone. Too hurt to stick around, Jalin goes to the only place he finds solace, the ocean.
Once Dasan realizes he’s pushed Jalin away, he chases his mate to the Pacific Ocean. As he looks out at the vast body of water he can only hope he’ll be able to find his mate in order to beg for a second chance.


  1. hello Ms Shea!! how are you doing? I hope this finds you elbow deep in writing! Are any of your characters versatile? do they both top and bottom?

    1. I am doing well, thank you. I am currently writing three new books for a new series, although the characters for my other two series are clamoring to be heard. Fortunately I am almost done with the third book and will be able to write for Strafe Winchester in the Stone Haven series and either Hunter or Rune for the Juarez series. They are both yammering at me to tell their story so it will depend on which one is the loudest.
      As for the question about my characters being versatile the answer is, yes. In fact Mating in Stormy Waters, both Jalin and Dasan like to both top and bottom. To be honest, I don't necessarily plan that, the characters tell me who they are as I write and I let them tell their story as they see fit.