Sunday, November 9, 2014

Creating a New Series

I thought I would give you some insight into what it takes to create a new series. (At least for me) This blog will be about the third series that I am currently writing.  It is about a small town on the edge of the Cherokee National Forest in North Carolina.

Everything starts with an idea.  Not all ideas are easy to think of.  In fact for this one I required several brainstorming sessions with my biggest fans, my family.  They have always been my go to group.  For this new series the rounds of discussions lasted about three weeks, I was still writing for the Paranormal Wars series at the time so there was no interruption in writing.

Over that time we discussed paranormal vs. non-paranormal, Earth vs outer space, creating a new Earth or keeping things as they are. Different types of careers were looked at that would lend to a book such as bodyguards, firemen, police (I won't mention them all as they may be used in future series).  In the end it was a trip up to my family's cabin in North Carolina that settled it for me.

The small town vibe was perfect and had me falling in love with its quaint charm.  There was even a recently married gay couple who owned a store in town.  The fact that they were able to be who they were with little problems from the locals sealed the deal for me.  How great is it that a small southern town is so accepting?  It gave me a new sense of hope about the way we treat each other and I wanted to capture it.

The series will start with three books about three friends who move to this small town.  Over the coming weeks I will talk about what it took to set up the town, name the characters and decide on names of the various businesses.  Keep checking back for an in depth look into what it took to create this new series.


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